Michigan Ice Racing

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2013 District 14 Ice Race Classes


0-51cc  4-8 yrs Shaft            

0-51cc   5-8 yrs Chain (Including Three Speed Auto)

52-65cc  6-11 yrs     

66-85cc 7-13 yrs

86-200cc  open      

86-250cc C (two stroke only)

125-505cc  C (four Stroke)       

201-250cc A and B

251-505cc  “A” and “B”   

506cc up Open

Senior 40 + yrs open displacement

Vintage Class (79 or older)

  Rubber Solo                           Rubber Sidecar                            Exhibition

   0-250cc A                                   0-360cc                              Hack Solo Class

   0-250 cc B                                361-505cc                                         0-360

   251cc– Open                           506cc up Open                             361-505

Studded Quads        (New Fender Rules)

0-51cc  4-8 yrs           52-90cc  8-13 yrs  

91-250cc four stroke           91-200cc two stroke

251-450cc A  four stroke         251-450cc B  four stroke       

91cc-open 2 or 4 stroke  

Rubber Tire Quad (two wheel drive)(no fenders needed)

NOTE: You must have a notarized consent from both parents if you’re under 18 years old and wish to participate.

NOTE: Combo class – 250cc & up, A riders, Pro-Am &Pro riders only.


I really enjoy Motorcycles and here are some places on the Web that I find particularly interesting.


Attention Ice Racers ! Please e-mail me with your comments and or questions about this Ice Race season.

See You at the races.

Jim Vincent  D-14 Ice Race Chairman   jav123@hotmail.com

 Bob Scott Jr D-14  Tech  Advisor      hondabob16@gmail.com

Troy Michigan  248-680-9701

Please check this site often for updates and changes.

Before and during the Ice Race Season.

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