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AMA / District  14 Supplemental

Ice Race Rules For 2015

  1. All solo and sidecar motorcycles will use studded tires, except rubber solo and
sidecar classes. The studs will be an unaltered #7 to #10 hex headed screw with
no more than one slot, uncut, no drilling or hollowing out of the head and the
screw to be flush into the tire tightly ,not using a shim or washer to hold it out
from the tire. The screw head cannot exceed 3/16” above the tire. There will be no
cut tires, except in rubber tire classes 
  2. All tires used must be a motorcycle type tire not to exceed 510 or equivalent in
size, with the exception of the 651cc and up studded side car, they may use up to
a 610 or equivalent. Sidecars can only be driven by one rear wheel. 
  3. All motorcycles and quads used in ice race competition shall be equipped with
a tether type kill switch. The cord must be fastened to the body of the driver, not
the clothing. 
  4.No front brakes allowed on motorcycle’s and sidecars. Front brakes are allowed
on Quads only
  5. It will be mandatory for studded classes to have a front fender having a brace at
a right angle to the fork leg through the center of the axle. Fender must be
mounted within two inches of the tire and extend through axle centerline 
  6. For all studded motorcycle classes it will be mandatory to have a solid rear motorcycle
fender, mounted to the swing arm a maximum of two inches from the tire and
extending at least to the axle centerline. If the fender encloses the entire rear
wheel, it does not have to be swing arm mounted. 
  7. If a nerf bar is used to protect the rider’s feet, it cannot be mounted higher than
the axle centerline. 
  8. The distance between the sidecar wheel and motorcycle wheels, measured from
the center of the treads, must be between 32-50 inches, with a maximum total
width of 60 inches from the motorcycle tire centerline to the out side of the
sidecar. Any exposed area, to the passenger, of the rear drive and inside of hack
wheel must be enclosed in a safe and workman like manner. 
  9. All motorcycles shall be equipped with 3 number plates measuring at least 7”
high and 10” wide, using a white back ground and black numbers at least 5’ high
Standard block numbers, No Shaded or outlined numbers. All quads must have 4
plates one on the front, rear and both sides with number plates mounted vertically,
not on the top of fenders. 
  10. Year end awards will be awarded in all classes. The money for these awards
will be raised in the following manner. The Club/Promoter will pay $2.00 for
each class entered. The fees will be sent to the D-14 ice race chairman by the
event promoter. Riders must compete in at least 50% of the sanctioned events
held to be eligible for high point awards.   

11. We will allow up to two (2) points paying events per weekend if they are within a 50 mile radius.
  12. In all B classes, the top 30% of riders will be moved up to A class for the
following season, 1 rider if the class has 10 riders or less for the year. The Ice
Race Chairman & committee will retain the right to review all riders’
performance in any class for possible advancement to a    regular amateur class.
Up to 50% of C class riders may be moved up to the B class. 
  13. Six riders (6) not counting sidecar passengers constitute a class. If less than
six riders sign up for a class, the promoter or club does not have to run that class.
If they choose to run a class with less than six riders, points will be:

1st-10pts., 2nd-8pts., 3rd-6pts., 4th-5pts., 5th-4pts.

More than one class may be run at the same time and scored separately. 
  14. Points will be; 1st -20pts, 2nd -16pts., 3rd- 13pts., 4th- 11pts., 5th -10pts., 6th 9pts.,

7th-8pts., 8th-7pts., 9th-6pts., 10th-5pts., 11th-4pts., 12th-3pts., 13th-2pts.,  14th-1point 

  15. A rider placing in a National ice race , outside of district 14 , will receive
straight D14 points according to the position he /or she placed, only if a D14 ice
race is held on that week end. (You cannot ride your class on Sat. out of state at a
national and race in district 14 on Sunday and receive points for both) 
  16. The ice race division shall have two technical advisors. 
  17. The Ice race chairman, rider rep or tech. advisor will pay no gate fee. 
  18. An AMA licensed pro rider may compete in amateur competition, but is not
eligible for D-14 points and mustn’t displace amateurs if elimination’s are
  19. Any former Pro rider may return to amateur competition and compete at the A
level. If the rider feels he is unable to compete at the A level, he can petition in
writing to the ice race chairman to be reclassified to the B level. 
  20. Ice race locations may be changed do to ice conditions, but no less than 72
hours before race day. 
  NOTE: You must have a notarized consent from both parents if you’re under 18
years old and wish to participate. 
NOTE: 50cc classes may run fewer laps at promoter’s discretion


Attention Racers ! Please e-mail me with your comments and or questions about this Ice Race season.

See You at the races.

Jeremiah Sherman  D-14 Ice Race Chairman

 Bob Scott Jr D-14  Tech  Advisor      hondabob16@gmail.com

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